Trends from Expo West 2024

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Mar 18, 2024

What a week at Expo West! Out of the many booths and samples our team were able to see and taste, there were a few trends we noticed that we might start seeing more in 2025…

Trends we discovered at Expo West 2024

  1. Bar Revolution: Bars dominated the expo floor, reflecting a surge in options catering to various dietary needs and trends. Traditional favorites collided with innovative newcomers boasting unique nutritional profiles.

  2. Functional Beverages: The soda aisle showcased a plethora of functional alternatives, including sparkling beverages enriched with prebiotics, probiotics, and adaptogens. Despite concerns about sugar content, the use of fruit sources like mango puree, and honey offered a healthier twist to traditional sodas.

  3. Rise of Non-Alcoholic Beverages: Non-alcoholic beverages has their own section at Expo West for the first time, offering flavorful alternatives for mindful consumers seeking a break from conventional options.

  4. Fiber Focus: Attendees witnessed a surge in fiber supplementation, with an array of powders aimed at enhancing daily intake. This trend underscored a growing awareness of gut health and the importance of fiber in our diets.

  5. Gummies and Sweet Innovations: Traditional snacks and drinks received a playful makeover, transforming into gummy iterations, reflecting the ongoing trend of nostalgia and innovation. Notably, this trend also offered benefits such as saving storage space and shipping costs.

  6. High Protein Products in Traditional Snacks: Protein took center stage, appearing in unexpected products like soft pretzels, ramen, and pasta (from lupini beans!). While the protein craze continues, preferences leaned towards natural sources such as Chomps meat sticks, prompting discussions on protein consumption habits and personal preferences.

  7. Health Conscious Offerings: Specialized formulas targeting women's health, along with a focus on key life events like pregnancy and postpartum, underscored the industry's commitment to holistic well-being.

  8. Global Flavors: Expo West embraced a global culinary adventure, inspiring products infused with exotic tastes and ingredients from around the world (like Japan, Turkey and Skandinavia). Additionally, indulgent treats and leveled-up baking mixes catered to consumers seeking both flavor and nutrition.

  9. Gourmet Vegan and Plant-Based Products: Innovations in plant-based cheese and fish boasting more accessible textures and flavors. Nut milks also experienced a surge in popularity, with diverse options ranging from apricot nut to corn and barley milk.

New Ingredient Stars

  1. Honey: Honey emerged as a star sweetener, infusing a variety of products from alcohol, coffee, to even soaps, captivating attendees with its versatility and natural sweetness.

  2. Seaweed: Seaweed gained recognition for its health benefits, appearing not only in snacks but also as an ingredient in beauty products like shampoo and hand cream.

As Expo West 2024 came to a close, these trends and ingredient innovations offer a glimpse into the dynamic landscape of health and wellness, signaling exciting opportunities for industry growth and consumer satisfaction.

While snacks abounded, there was a noticeable gap between consumer desires and available options, sparking conversations about innovation and diversification within the snacking category.

Thanks to our friends for sharing their notes: Rachel Mansfield, Morgan Drummond and Steph Peng. Interested in checking out what retailers are talking about these new and emerging brands? Check out Cohere Commerce now.

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