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Launch your brands locally in thousands of micro-retailers with Cohere. Showcase your products right in front of your target customers.

The future of local retail

Grow Your Brand Locally with Independent Retailers

Cohere is the first platform built for local retail partnership. We let brands sell in brick-and-mortar stores cheaper, faster and get incredible data insights. Instead of being unseen as another product on the shelf, stand out in a beloved local store, and be proudly showcased by someone who believes in your values.

Find your dream stockiests

Cohere connects your brand with target customers by placing your products in stores that share the same values.

New locations, wider reach

Build a national footprint quickly and easily, with a loyal customer base and a supportive community.

Get data you wish you had

Our localized data and insights help your brand test, launch, or grow a market more effectively and efficiently.

Parch spirits Co.

Catherine N. | General Manager

We are based in East Coast and we know that our products will succeed in CA. Cohere helped us quickly launched partnerships in Los Angeles, and we also get insights about areas and types of store we perform the best.

let's keep commerce local

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Wow your customers with better retail.

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The Future of Local Retail

Turn the Space You Already Have Into Extra Sales with Retail

At Cohere, we turn your store into a place of discovery for your customers to keep coming back for. We let you easily showcase your store values through retail, build customer loyalty, and get extra revenue without extra efforts.

Products that showcase your values

We curate seasonal products that showcased your store value. And our powerful data knows what your customers like.

Extra revenue without the extra costs.

Enjoy extra revenue without increased labor and ingredient costs by magic retail, all within your existing space.

Loyalty and awareness for your store

Enjoy benefits by collaborating and cross-promoting with other local businesses in our supportive community.

Mandarin Coffee Stand

Sherry G. | Pasadena, CA

Our new coffee studio recently opened in Pasadena. Cohere reached out and quickly set up my dream retail sections. I am proudly supporting woman-owned brands this season! Customers have been loving it.

Let's keep commerce local

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Our Story

Cohere is an online wholesale marketplace connecting emerging brands & makers with local small businesses who are willing to open their doors to retail and allow local businesses to connect, collaborate, and grow together.πŸ‘‹ Official launch in mid-July. Currently pre-onboarding independent brands and local shops.
Former DiNG Delivery, we've helped more than 100 restaurants delivered over 30,000 meals to 5,000+ people since 2020. And as small business owners ourselves (here's more about our restaurant), we are continuously seeking ways to help up-and-coming entrepreneurs to grow and insisted on keeping commerce local.
Looking forward, we are excited to explore the world of retail, and get inspired by thousands of talented local founders!Oh, and if you are in LA, stop by our restaurant and say hi. We've got bomb foods!