Outdoor Dining Essentials: CPG Products Perfect for Summer Picnics and Barbecues

CPG Summer Products, Picnics and Barbecues

May 17, 2024

With summer in full swing, is your store ready to be the ultimate destination for picnickers? Everyone is gearing up for al fresco dining—from park picnics to backyard barbecues. We've curated the perfect list of outdoor dining essentials to make their experiences unforgettable. Stock up now and provide everything they need for a perfect summer adventure!

1. Masi Masa

Brand owners are focused on providing convenience, which is why effortless spice blends for easy meals have become a staple. A great example is Masi Masa which offers authentic flavors any day with their effortless spice blends, from Indian Tikka Masala to Thai Green Curry. Their Ras El Hanout for a chili powder substitute and feta for cotija cheese, perfect for summer sides! No more mealtime stress—ready in 30 minutes, gluten-free, sugar-free, soy-free, nut-free, and preservative-free. Ideal for vegans and non-GMO diets!

You'll find spice without borders specializing in wholesale condiments and sauces, all proudly made in the USA. Their offerings are not only visually stunning but also boast delicious flavors and captivating branding. Having them in your store is a true pleasure, and you'll feel proud to support another Colorado family-owned small business!

2. Sake High

With the rise in demand for gluten-free products, brands are prioritizing this factor in their new releases. Take Sake High! from Japan, a premium Junmai Sake made in Kyoto with locally sourced ingredients. It features a fruity aroma and a clean, crisp taste with a fresh, sweet, medium body. Crafted in small batches, this sake is all-natural, gluten-free, and sulfite-free. Serve it chilled for a refreshing beach drink this summer!

With its award-winning and mind-blowing products, this brand has gained recognition far and wide. From California to Michigan, Oregon to Virginia, and even Washington D.C., their offerings have captured the taste buds of customers across the country. Plus, with nationwide shipping available, their exceptional products are accessible to everyone, no matter where they are located.

3. Pricklee

Natural and refreshing products are dominating the retail market, and Pricklee is a prime example. Infused with electrolytes, antioxidants, and Vitamin C, it's a body-boosting, planet-friendly choice. By using cactus, Pricklee advocates water conservation and minimizes environmental impact. It's the perfect drink to stay refreshed all summer and a tasty alternative to soda.

"Shark Tank" producers swiftly invited Pricklee after reaching out to the co-founders. Since the show, Pricklee has doubled its business annually, with a major highlight being their nationwide launch at Sprouts. With Sprouts' Arizona desert location and existing appreciation for prickly pear products, it's seen as a natural partnership. Pricklee aims to leverage this to further grow its business, fueled by high consumer demand for cactus water. Yang, one of the co-founders, is surprised by the level of interest in cactus water, which bolsters their optimism for the future.

4. Joggy

Drinks without jitters and hangovers but with the same icy buzz as a Red Bull vodka is taking over the market. This clean, plant-based energy drink is crafted to supercharge your day and enhance focus without any negative side effects. Slightly sparkling and infused with tart cherry and hibiscus, it's packed with phytonutrients to support recovery.

People highlight Joggy's distinctive product lineup, appealing packaging, and standout branding. They are also highly collaborative in terms of marketing, making the brand prominent on the shelf.

5. Pistakio

People are going crazy over chili crunches, but unique spreads like Rooted Fare and Pistakio are also becoming popular. Pistakio offers pistachio-infused spreads crafted to capture the nutty goodness and health benefits of pistachios. Made with real pistachios and natural ingredients, these spreads offer a drizzable, irresistible taste. With its distinctive pistachio flavor and a hint of sea salt, it's like enjoying pistachio gelato on a sunny day in Italy or savoring a nostalgic merenda prepared by your nonno after school.

Pistakio's commitment to sustainable sourcing for their pistachios enhances the product's appeal. They find the packaging cute and well-done, and they receive additional items like stickers, a handwritten note, and recommendations for consumption. Pistakio's expansion to 20 New Seasons Market stores in the Portland metro area is noted as a significant achievement.

6. Nemi Snacks

Everything Mexican flavor gets a significant increase in sales, every summer. Customers love to include Nemi Snacks - a plant-powered cactus crunchy sticks made with Mexican spices in their picnic because of the refreshing taste and authentic flavors.

Regina is a fantastic person to work with! Any order issues were quickly resolved and customers love the delicious flavors, making Nemi Snacks a top choice. They praise their exceptional experience, from fast delivery to top-notch customer service. Nemi Snacks is now one of the top-selling brands at Monsoon Market over in Phoenix.

7. Mellody

Who wouldn't love a brand dedicated to protecting the biodiversity of our planet? People are always seeking innovative and eco-friendly options. This plant-based honey mirrors the look, feel, and taste of traditional honey, but with enhancements. Its sticky, delightful consistency elevates any dish, perfect for drizzling on foods or mixing into salad dressings at outdoor gatherings. Mellody's natural sweetness and delicate floral notes beautifully complement other flavors.

Brand’s latest launch brings what Mellody claims to be the “first-ever” vegan hot honey to market, crafted as a 100% match to the taste, texture and performance of its bee-made counterpart. Alongside its debut at Eleven Madison Home, Mellody's vegan honey was featured on a special menu at a prestigious NYC restaurant in honor of World Bee Day on May 19, 2022. Originally developed for B2B customers and the food service industry, the company raised $5.7 million in March 2022 to launch its inaugural line of plant-based honey for wider commercial distribution.

8. Moon Magic

The retail market is brimming with sweet offerings, but many people, especially health-conscious elders, seek vegan alternatives. Consider this vegan, keto-friendly chocolate brand offering low-calorie, low-sugar, and dairy-free milk chocolate bars. They're ideal for guilt-free snacking, helping you stay beach-ready for summer with their low-calorie profile.

Moon Magic's groundbreaking chocolate endeavors to disrupt the $113 billion global chocolate market by redefining the way people perceive chocolate. The brand is dedicated to providing nutritional benefits that rival the full chocolate experience consumers crave, offering a healthier alternative without sacrificing taste or enjoyment.

9. Hey Champ

In the food and drink industry, quality is key. Take Hey Champ's premium candy bars, crafted with top-notch ingredients by skilled chefs. Whether enjoying them with friends at a picnic or indulging solo, their classic and adventurous flavors promise an exciting and delicious experience.

Retailers mentioned working with Hey Champ has been delightful, since they are exceptionally kind as per a retailer. The items come in beautifully packaged and are selling well. They just think that if the size were larger, it might offer better value.

By providing these curated selection of treats, you'll become the go-to spot for anyone looking to enhance their outdoor dining experience!

For more summer essentials, head over to Cohere and explore our full range of products!

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Cohere is a B2B platform connecting emerging consumer brands and independent retailers, with AI-powered insights to help brands grow and retailers discover the latest products.

Join us making retail #transparency accessible for all!

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