2023 year in review: Most successful CPG brands that are changing our life


Feb 22, 2024


The consumer goods industry (CPG) is constantly evolving, and the most successful companies are those that are able to innovate and meet the needs of changing consumers. In 2023, we saw a number of exciting new product launches that were met with great success.

From Meati's mycelium-based meat alternatives to Buzzballz's spirited cocktail revolution, Seed's probiotic breakthroughs, and Banza's chickpea pasta innovation, these emerging CPG brands are shaping the future of consumer goods.


Founded in 2017 by CEO Tyler Huggins, Meati focuses on sustainable food solutions by harnessing nature's wisdom. On the Leaders in Innovation podcast, he discusses Meati's journey in creating an animal-free protein product from mycelium mushroom, emphasizing its natural benefits, texture akin to meat, and high protein content. Huggins highlights the importance of introducing innovation gradually to meet consumer demands for nutritious, cost-effective, and familiar-tasting alternatives to meat. Meati's success in producing millions of pounds of this alternative protein and partnering with major retailers showcases a scalable model for positive environmental impact, underscoring nature as a crucial ally in addressing the climate crisis and food sustainability.


Founded in 2010 by Merrilee Kick, BuzzBallz started from a single-serve cocktail idea to a $1 billion brand, now available in all 50 states and 24 countries. Despite initial funding challenges, Kick's vision led to a diverse product line housed in a state-of-the-art facility in Texas. With significant growth and a strong distribution network, BuzzBallz stands out for its high ABV products, affordability, and being woman-owned, appealing especially to younger consumers. The brand, known for its wide flavor range and party appeal, has gained popularity without relying on celebrity endorsements. Aimed at reinventing happy hour, BuzzBallz/Southern Champion focuses on fun, innovative cocktails with a commitment to sustainability and positive community impacts.


Seed Health, based in LA, accelerates the development of health products by partnering with leading scientists. Founded by Ara Katz, who brings expertise from tech and entrepreneurship, the company focuses on using the body's microbes for better health. Their main product, DS-01 Daily Synbiotic, combines probiotics and prebiotics for diverse health benefits, featuring strains like bifidobacteria and lactobacillus. The formulation is vegan, free from major allergens, and encased in a stomach-acid-resistant capsule, all in sustainable packaging.


Brian Rudolph, co-founded Banza with his brother, Scott in 2014. Ditching the tech startup path, Rudolph developed a chickpea pasta to solve his own dietary issues. Banza, known for its high protein and fiber content, quickly found success, reaching 10,000 U.S. stores, including Target and Whole Foods, and raising $7.5 million in Series A funding. Employing unconventional tactics from the tech world, like sending prototypes in Pringles cans to buyers, Banza grew rapidly. Its mission is to make nutritious food accessible, banking on the belief that healthier pastas will eventually dominate the market.

What drives the remarkable success of these top CPG brands? Their innovation and consumer value alignment. Meati offers sustainable meat alternatives, Buzzballz innovates in cocktails with fun and sustainability, Seed Health delivers science-based health solutions through microbiology, and Banza provides nutritious, tasty pasta options. These brands excel by meeting modern health, environmental, and taste preferences. Aren’t these products remarkable?

The best products do more than just sell something new—they spark change, shake things up, and make our world a bit better. Cheers to the trailblazers setting the pace, and here's excitedly waiting for who's next to step up and push the CPG industry toward a brighter, more innovative tomorrow.

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