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Jun 18, 2023

tactile and mountain founders

Tac-tile Mountain is a Pasadena-based home and living store, founded by Nico and Scarlet, that offers an array of products that can help enhance your daily experiences. The shop offers a unique shopping experience, with a focus on culinary gifts and lifestyle products that elevate your personal space. It is a haven for those looking for unique, whimsical, and high-quality items that are both beautiful and practical.

Inspirations behind Tac-tile Mountain

Nico and Scarlett were motivated to open Tac-tile Mountain after realizing the lack of an independent, niche home and living store in their neighborhood, Pasadena. While there were stores dedicated to sines, fresh produce and gourmet snacks, they couldn't find one that seamlessly blended culinary gifts and lifestyle products. Driven by their passion for cooking and a desire to enhance personal spaces, they brought their dream to life by creating Tac-tile Mountain. Their aim is to provide a curated collection of beautiful, functional, and indulgent items that elevate everyday living.

What are some challenges along the way?

Previous experience at Wine and Eggs, helped Nico and Scarlet gain invaluable experience in managing different aspects of a retail store. Their roles in the fresh produce department and pantry equipped them with the skills needed to curate products and maintain inventory, which they now applied to Tac-tile Mountain.

However, there is always new challenges when you start your own brick and mortar. One of the significant challenge is the need to handle all aspects of the business themselves - from inventory management and event planning to marketing and more, they had to wear multiple hats.

As a retail business, they understand the importance of reinvesting profits into restocking popular items, ensuring their customers have continued access to their thoughtfully curated selection. However, it sometimes limit their ability to invest in store décor and furniture. Every new addition to their inventory carries an element of risk, as they navigate the process of trial and error. If a product doesn't sell as expected, they must find creative ways to optimize costs and overcome the challenge. Adapting to the ever-changing demands of their customers while learning from their data has become second nature to them.

For the Nico and Scarlet, success means financial freedom, the ability to expand organically and being able to create without limit. They are glad that people keep finding out about this store, and everyday, they are one step closer to their goal.

What are some of your best-sellers, and what values you prioritize when selecting products

Candles and self care products are always among their best sellers. Customers also love small cooking tools, including spoons, knives, and can openers. Indulgent chocolates and gifts also pick customer’s eyes during holidays.

Trends are evolving and consumer preferences are changing, but eco-friendly, sustainable are the values that never changes.

While appreciating the influence of other stores, Nico and Scarlet prioritize carving out their own niche. They thrive to curate products that is exciting, hard to find anywhere else; and create a shopping experience that is distinct and memorable- and that has been the key to keep customers coming back.

Embracing Community

Building a loyal customer base and becoming a hub for the community has been the shop’s ultimate goal. The owners engage with the community by collaborating with local businesses. Visitors can look forward to an array of events, including popular community workshops that often sell out in advance. Vendors are invited to showcase their products and meet their customers in real life through demos. On weekends, local bakeries, pastry shops, and florists pop up within the store, further enhancing the dynamic and ever-changing atmosphere.

If you are planning to visit Pasadena, make sure to bookmark Tac-tile Mountain. Stay informed about their upcoming events and new product releases, as there's always something exciting happening.

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