Preparing for the holiday season: Win at E-commerce with Qodespace


Aug 30, 2023

qodespace design

In the world of online shopping, small businesses often face common challenges that can slow down their growth. These challenges include things like setting up a website to sell their products, achieving mobile responsiveness, fixing technical issues, and keeping the website up to date. They usually face these challenges because of their limited resources and budget to dedicate in their website.

We had the honor of talking with Carol Shih, the creative mind behind Qode Space. She shared tips and hints to make your website works better for you.

Building a Great Website: What Really Matters?

One thing many small business owners get wrong is focusing too much on how their website looks instead of how well it works. While a good look is important, a website needs to work smoothly, especially for people using mobile phones. Qode Space advises business owners to find a balance between making the site look nice and ensuring it's easy to use. This way, potential customers will enjoy shopping without any problems.

Here are some key points on what makes a well-designed website stand out:

  • Optimal performance, ensuring swift loading times without lags or bugs,

  • Seamless scrolling and interactions with elements,

  • Thoughtfully integrated animations that enhance user experience without being overpowering,

  • Adherence to proper ADA compliance, encompassing appropriate color schemes and text orientations, and

  • Responsiveness across diverse screen sizes, catering to both larger and smaller displays.

By paying attention to these things, you’ve created an eCommerce online store that not only look good but also work great for customers.

Picking the Perfect Timing and Platform for Your Website

Choosing the right platform is super important for eCommerce success. Shopify is a popular choice, and it allows businesses do cool things without having to spend too much time and money on custom features. Launch fast and cheap, then improve and iterate based on user feedback and your own needs, is important for small businesses.

If you're a small brand on a budget, timing is key when thinking about improving your website. It's smart to plan ahead and work on your website before big events, like holiday sales. For example, if you're getting ready for a big sale around Black Friday, Qode Space suggests starting to work on your website three months ahead of time. This way, your website will be ready, and you can focus on making sales and marketing.

Who is Qodespace?

Qode Space is a female and minority owned company specializing in designing and developing eCommerce stores. They view online stores as representations of clients' brands and values, and work closely with clients to create visually appealing and user-friendly stores. Services include creative design, development, future planning, and performance optimization.

Carol has really helped change how online shopping works with Qode Space. They pay close attention to details, making shopping an awesome experience for you and your customers. Qode Space has worked with some cool brands like Scotch Porter, Skinn, JJ Winks, and The Comfy. By planning carefully, doing lots of research, and making the website faster, Qode Space made a big difference in improving their website in just two months.

Qode Space is dedicated to assisting businesses of all sizes, offering services that align with various budgets. They emphasize their commitment to supporting clients in every aspect of eCommerce growth, from design to analytics.

If you're seeking a female and minority owned partner to build a successful eCommerce store, Qode Space offers a range of services to meet your needs. They're not just changing the way online shopping looks – they're changing how it works well for you and your customers, all guided by Carol Shih's smart ideas and her team's hard work.

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