Best brands of 2023: Retailer's top picks

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Mar 11, 2024

As we start another thrilling year, let's pause to appreciate the magic of these emerging brands that defined 2023, selected by our independent retailers. Grab your favorite beverage and join us on this delightful journey as we celebrate the power of partnership and the brands that truly embody it.


Despite its history, the brand Fishwife has reclaimed its narrative with captivating label designs and garnered a dedicated following. Voted as one of the best-selling products across various indie retail shops, Fishwife has witnessed growing demand and widespread distribution in different regions. Despite its success, the team remains committed to offering sampling support and personalized hand-selling efforts.

Fly by Jing

Fly by Jing brought the chili crisp/crunch trend into the US. While some similar brands have gained more popularity over time, Fly by Jing's robust brand power and awareness continue to attract numerous retailers. Its chili crisp oil and Zhong Sauce remain coveted "must-have" items in retail stores nationwide.


Inspired by their love for Lao Gan Ma, the Seattle duo gifted jars to friends and won over local businesses like SugarPill. Surprisingly, Kari Kari's velocity and rating surpases Fly by Jing, securing the top spot in its category. Despite its limited availability, retailers appreciate the brand's strong post-purchase support and engagement. Responding to popular demand, Kari Kari introduced 16oz jars recently, swiftly gaining traction across retail markets.


After a 14-year tenure in the liquor industry, Rudy and Ila's health journey led them to craft Sonoran Desert-inspired cocktails, merging their expertise with wellness. Parch prioritizes sustainability, sourcing fruits from the desert's rich biodiversity to revitalize overlooked ingredients. The packaging has garnered rave reviews, described as superb and a key attraction for customers. Its unique taste distinguishes it among non-alcoholic options, drawing repeat customers in retail.

With potential price adjustments and expanded flavor offerings, Parch is poised to captivate a broader audience and elevate sales.


Founded by Evan Quinn, George Youmans, and Cygne Cooper, Hiyo seeks to transform social drinking with its lineup of healthy, non-alcoholic alternatives. With appeal to both health-conscious soda seekers and those craving non-alcoholic beverages, Hiyo boasts a broader audience and higher demand than many mocktails. By offering varied pack sizes to suit different occasions and purchasing preferences, and ensuring consistent stock availability to meet growing demand, Hiyo is poised to drive sales and revolutionize the beverage market.


A friend's suggestion led to the discovery that olive oil was the culprit. Shocked by the prevalence of rancid olive oil in the market, the founder, Aishwarya Iyer embarked on a mission to create fresh, high-quality olive oil. Brightland excels in customer education, fostering a loyal base that aligns with its brand mission, and generates consistent demands, despite its higher price point. As Brightland launch squeeze bottles in retail, it will appeal to a wider and more price-sensitive audience while continue to provide high-quality products.

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