5 AAPI Brands You Need to Try for Your Shop, Before Summer Ends

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Aug 1, 2023

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Discover the summer's boldest and brightest AAPI brands! From snacks to beverages, these recently launched gems are making waves with their eye-catching designs and delectable products. Some of them are already crushing it pre-launch or within just one week of hitting the market! Don't miss out on offering your customers the taste of innovation and success.

Gourmais - Crackers for amaising moments

Growing up as a first-generation Asian American in Los Angeles, Stephanie's love for diverse cuisines and traditions shaped her journey. Determined to blend her AAPI heritage with American flavors, she created Gourmais.

Gourmais just launched a rebranded line of polenta cracker which can be enjoyed perfectly with cheese and any topping. These crackers boast a subtle yet delightful flavor and a fascinatingly crunchy texture, leaving snack enthusiasts craving for more. The reborn of the products came from tireless customer interviews, onsite demos, to sought the right texture and flavors.

Already found in Canal Market, Jayde's Market, and several local retail shops in west LA, Stephanie is eager to expand Gourmais further, sharing the joy of cultural fusion with a wider audience. With each bite of Gourmais, customers experience the harmonious combination of flavors from around the world, celebrating unity through the pleasure of delicious snacking.

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Droosh - Traditionally Indian ingredients for untraditional cooks

Meet Droosh, the brainchild of three cousins – Serena, Sabrina, and Savi – on a mission to revolutionize the way we experience Indian cuisine. Tired of the preconceived notions and overwhelming ingredient lists that often come with Indian cooking, they set out to create a brand that de-exoticizes Indian flavors, making them accessible and easy to use for everyone.

Their inspiration came from the countless times they found themselves calling family members for guidance in an Indian grocery store or panicking over complex recipes. The bold, elegant branding also help Droosh capture consumers eyes, to add a beautiful touch to your everyday cooking.

Launched in June as a direct-to-consumer brand, Droosh is still in its early stages, but its unique approach to Indian flavors is already leaving an impression.

In a world where discretionary spending may face challenges, Droosh stands strong with its commitment to enriching everyday meals, spreading the joy of good food, and easing the stress in the kitchen.

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Narra - Milk from oats. Flavors from Asia

Narra, founded by siblings Victoria and Miggy Reyes, is making waves with its unique line of Asian-inspired oat milk lattes. Inspired by the Filipino tradition of merienda, Narra's flagship offerings include Roasted Oolong, Black Tea, and Strawberry Matcha lattes. Proudly dairy-free, naturally caffeinated, and with no added sugar or artificial ingredients, Narra's lattes offer a smooth and focused energy boost without the coffee jitters.

Named after the national tree of the Philippines, Narra symbolizes strength and resilience, a fitting representation for the brand's mission to celebrate cultural diversity.

The brand's approach to branding and packaging draws from Filipino banig weaving, infusing warmth and approachability. The playful illustrations and inviting personality mirror the delightful flavor experience that Narra offers.

Officially launched on July 22nd in collaboration with Filipino singer Travis Atreo, Narra's already making a splash! Now available at various local stores, including Gjusta Grocer and select Bay Area locations, Narra is capturing the hearts of customers.

In San Francisco, retailers are reporting an astounding 400% above standard velocity for Narra's Matcha Strawberry falvor.

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Geem - the Seaweed Revolution

Geem is a sustainable snack brand founded by Candice Choi, embracing her Korean heritage while introducing Western audiences to the wonders of seaweed. Inspired by centuries-old Korean recipes, Geem offers a unique twist on traditional nori sheets by caramelizing and baking seaweed with rice crisps and sesame seeds, creating crispy seaweed 'sandwiches.' Seaweed's nutrient density and climate-saving properties make it a superfood with superpowers, as it is not only delicious but also carbon negative.

With each delightful bite, Geem invites snackers to savor the goodness of seaweed, promoting a healthier and more environmentally friendly way to snack. Embrace the seaweed revolution and join Geem in their mission to make this nutritious superfood a beloved Western favorite.

Currently selling in 4 boutique retail stores in Los Angeles, including Sesame LA and Yoboseyo in DTLA, Geem is aiming to expand her reach in California, and officially launch in September.

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Oddball - Break the mold

Sophia Cheng, the founder of Oddball World, discovered a niche in the US market for plant-based jelly snacks, inspired by the flourishing jelly industry in Asia. With a mission to revolutionize the dessert scene, she crafted superfruit jiggly snacks with just two ingredients, capturing the taste buds of even former NFL athletes.

Early successes at showcase events and pop-ups paved the way for Oddball's entry into specialty grocers in New York. As the brand gains traction, Sophia's dream extends beyond specialty shops - she envisions Oddball occupying shelves in every corner of the country, reshaping the way Americans indulge in jelly snacks.

With bright graphics and a nostalgic charm, Oddball's allure stretches across different age demographics, captivating the curiosity of consumers and sparking conversations with retailers nationwide. As the plant-based jelly revolution gains momentum, Oddball stands at the forefront, ready to reshape the American palate and redefine the way we view this timeless delicacy.

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