10 Women-Owned Retailers You Need to Visit

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Mar 29, 2024

Retail can feel like a rollercoaster, but it's also a fun journey! Meet ten women-owned shops bringing extra joy to cities and retail scene with their unique flair and passion!

1. Pine & Polk

Alyssa and Lindsay, both native New Yorkers, crossed paths in San Francisco, one on Pine Street and the other on Polk. This encounter marked the beginning of their intertwined journey. Their story revolves around intersections—connecting two distinct concepts within one space: an artisanal shop showcasing culinary delights in the front and a hidden bar serving bespoke cocktails in the back. Despite their unique characteristics, both spaces will intertwine through shared products, hidden references, and a focus on hospitality to create memorable experiences for patrons.

2. WonderMart

Established in 2019, The WonderMart in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, is a woman-owned gift shop showcasing exclusively New York State-made goods from over 170 emerging brands. Committed to fostering community and supporting local artisans, they believe in giving back, channeling a portion of their sales to organizations like NAMI and the Brooklyn Community Pride Center. With a focus on transparency and equity, they provide a platform for makers of all backgrounds to thrive, encouraging collaboration and resource-sharing to build vibrant, interconnected communities.

3. Provision Fairhope

Chef Brandi Eslava, a Panama City, Florida native, blends science and art in her culinary creations. With a Biology degree from Florida State University and culinary training at Faulkner Community College, she brings a unique perspective to cooking. Brandi's journey includes work at Fisher’s in Orange Beach and owning Coastal Cuisine in Gulf Shores, AL. Joining the team in 2020, she adds her attention to detail and culinary expertise to the catering events. At Provision, Brandi helps create an atmosphere of peak excellence and comfort, balancing vintage and modern aesthetics. It's the perfect place to relax, socialize, or study, with a marketplace, coffee bar, wine bar, and cozy seating.

4. Salty at Heart Apothecary

Salty at Heart Journal celebrates creativity and connection to the sea, featuring leaders and artists worldwide. With a mission of equity, sustainability, and empowerment, they amplify diverse voices and highlight global hope. Through storytelling and collaboration, they navigate challenges like climate change while embracing our cosmic connection and shared humanity.

5. Local Nomad

Local Nomad is a boutique in Phoenix, AZ, showcasing handcrafted goods from global makers. They prioritize the slow fashion movement, offering thoughtfully curated gifts and apparel. With a focus on sustainability, they provide transparent information about their products' origins and materials. From natural skincare to eco-friendly baby clothing, each item tells a story of creativity and conscious consumption.

6. Otherwild Goods & Services

Otherwild, a queer-owned store and design studio in Los Angeles, emphasizes ethical practices. Since 2012, they've showcased carefully made goods by artists and designers. Offering well-designed products and apparel, they prioritize sustainability and ethical sourcing. Through their commitment to countering consumer capitalism, they support staff, vendors, activists, and social justice causes. Owned by Rachel Berks, based in New York with partner A.L. Steiner and three dogs.

7. Bia Blooms

As a florist, Tabia Yapp of Bia Blooms finds beauty in imperfection, crafting unique arrangements that capture attention. Starting during the pandemic, her passion for florals grew, leading to collaborations with brands and artists. Yapp's designs, celebrated for their asymmetrical charm, bring joy and connection to recipients. Through her work, she blends entrepreneurship with a commitment to diversity and community, one bloom at a time.

8. Galerie.LA

Celebrity stylist Dechel Mckillian founded GALERIE.LA with a vision to democratize socially conscious fashion. Her awakening occurred during a trip to Peru, witnessing the environmental toll of the fashion industry firsthand. Inspired to make fashion more sustainable, she left her styling career to seek out eco-conscious brands. Recognizing the challenge of finding such brands, she launched the GALERIE.LA blog in 2016 as a curated resource. The blog's success led to an e-commerce store featuring six sustainable brands. Dechel's ultimate goal was to open a physical storefront, now available for visits by appointment at GALERIE.LA's Long Beach showroom.

9. Folia Collective

As the owner of Folia Collective, Danae Horst handles a constant stream of inquiries about houseplant care, fielding 10 to 20 messages daily. Originally situated in Pasadena, the boutique has since relocated to Eagle Rock, offering a larger space for events and a welcoming atmosphere. With an expanded inventory and services like potting, Horst aims to create a community hub where plant lovers can gather, relax, and enjoy the greenery.

10. HomeState

Founded by Briana Valdez in 2013, it's a Texas Kitchen in Southern California known for breakfast tacos, queso, brisket, and warm hospitality. With roots in Texas, Valdez brings authentic family recipes and a focus on quality to the menu. Handmade flour tortillas, genuine queso, pasture-raised eggs, and ethically sourced meats are highlights. The coffee selection is curated, and homemade margaritas and palomas are offered. Through initiatives like the Band Taco Program, HomeState contributes to local charities, connecting with the community.

Next time you're in the mood for some retail therapy, why not support these amazing women-led businesses? Whether you're searching for handmade treasures, sustainable fashion, or simply a delicious meal, these 10 must-visit spots have got you covered. Cheers to female empowerment and the incredible women making waves in the world of retail!

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