10 Awesome Women-owned CPG Brands


Mar 8, 2024

Celebrating the trailblazing women entrepreneurs in the CPG industry, crafting delectable treats, innovative products, and revolutionizing the landscape, one item at a time! Dive into this compelling read to explore the impactful journey of these visionary leaders as they redefine norms and shatter barriers!

1. Omsom

Omsom, founded by Vanessa and Kim Pham, emerged to celebrate authentic Asian flavors and challenge stereotypes. They partnered with NYC's top Asian chefs to create Vietnamese, Filipino, and Thai meal starters, prioritizing cultural integrity by sourcing ingredients directly from Asia. With nationwide popularity and collaborations with major brands like Disney and Instant Pot, Omsom proudly brings unapologetic Asian flavors to homes across America.

2. Wild Wonder

Rosa Li's Wild Wonder offers pre and probiotic sparkling beverages inspired by her grandmother's recipes, promoting gut health. Unlike typical prebiotic drinks, Wild Wonder avoids apple cider vinegar, offering Kombucha benefits without the vinegar taste. With successful placements in 800 Sprouts and Farmers Market stores nationwide, Wild Wonder is also available online. Each can contains live probiotics, prebiotic fiber, herbs, fruits, and only 6 grams of sugar, available in six flavors.

3. Gourmais

Stephanie Chui's Gourmais offers premium polenta crisps in three flavors: Porcini Mushroom, Mediterranean Sea Salt, and Herbs de Provence. Inspired by her grandmother's recipes, Chui aims to innovate in the cracker industry, appealing to younger consumers with bold colors and a focus on community. Despite challenges, she perseveres with support from communities like Project Potluck and CPG. With a focus on depth over breadth, Gourmais targets a younger demographic in LA and California, celebrating each milestone along the way.

4. Hotpot Queen

In 1982, Hotpot Queen began in a small Chongqing restaurant, famous for the "Yuan Yang" pot, revolutionizing hotpot globally. Jia Liao, inspired by her mother's legacy, shares her region's flavors through a new product line. Partnering with The Fresh Market, they introduce two Sichuan essentials: Tingly Mala Wild Mushroom Chili Sauce and Crunchy Garlic Chili Crisp. Jia expresses excitement, uniting with The Fresh Market to create memorable culinary experiences infused with Sichuan warmth.

5. Buzzkill

Introducing Buzzkill, a groundbreaking non-alcoholic wine brand. Crafted from real California grapes, their classic Sauvignon Blanc offers hints of lemongrass, passionfruit, and citrus, with vibrant acidity preserved by gently removing alcohol post-fermentation. Empowering moderation without sacrificing taste or authenticity, Buzzkill challenges norms and resonates with Genzennials. Thirst Craft's disruptive design brings Buzzkill's rebellious ethos to life, while founder Molly Fedick's meme marketing expertise drives brand discovery on social media.

6. KIF

Caroline Brain, founder of the company, battled chronic health issues a decade ago, seeking relief from acne, fatigue, and anxiety through her kitchen experiments with cooking and fermentation. Inspired by her journey to wellness, she embarked on a mission to champion gut health and probiotics. Overcoming initial hurdles, Caroline discovered kefir water, a refreshing tonic brimming with probiotics, sparking her determination to share its benefits with others. Thus, her quest to introduce 'Kif' began, aiming to spread its magic and foster healthier lifestyles worldwide.

7. Amäzi Foods

Amazi Foods crafts bold-flavored tropical fruit snacks with a mission. Founded by Renee Dunn in 2016, Amazi partners directly with farmers and small businesses in Uganda to produce unique, vegan Jackfruit Chews and Plantain Chips. These snacks, available in three delicious flavors, contain no additives, preservatives, or added sugars. Amazi is committed to building a sustainable and equitable supply chain, promoting local food manufacturing, job creation, and global market access. Featured in publications like Food & Wine and Forbes, Amazi snacks are available nationwide in nearly 1000 stores and online.

8. Joydays

After battling colon cancer and recognizing the impact of blood sugar on health, Amy Cohn set out to create a delicious and nutritious snack. Collaborating with experts, they meticulously formulated cookies specifically designed for individuals with diabetes and prediabetes. Despite facing multiple hurdles, including 168 recipe tweaks, their dedication bore fruit. Today, featuring flavors like chocolate chip and peanut butter, their cookies grace the shelves of 53 stores across the country, offering a delightful option for those in search of blood sugar-friendly treats.

9. Treehouse Naturals

In 2015, on a scorching Atlanta day, Bess and Kate, both at career crossroads, sparked an idea during a neighborhood stroll: delivering fresh almond milk. Kate's immediate enthusiasm led them to experiment with various nutmilks, ultimately discovering the magic of pecanmilk. They embarked on a journey of handcrafting nutmilks, partnering with local businesses, and garnering support from Atlanta. Despite challenges, they persisted, scaling up their business and sharing their pecanmilk with the world, guided by principles of quality, flavor, transparency, and sustainability. Their journey, rooted in passion and love, transformed a neighborhood idea into a global nutmilk phenomenon.

10. Daily Crunch

Cynthia Reynolds returned from India in 2015 with an idea: sprouted almonds. Inspired by their health benefits, Diane Orley began sprouting and dehydrating almonds at home, leading to the birth of Daily Crunch Snacks in March 2020. Partnering with Laurel Orley and Dan Stephenson, they created a range of vegan, keto, paleo, and gluten-free snacks, emphasizing quality, flavor, and innovation. Their dedication to mental health awareness and clean-label goals sets them apart in the market. With expanding flavor options and strategic growth, Daily Crunch Snacks continues to redefine healthy snacking.

Support and collaborate these 10 Women-Owned CPG Brands! Bringing you delightful snacks and inventive products, these women are leading the charge for change. Let's recognize their accomplishments and uplift female entrepreneurs in the CPG industry.

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